Tenancy for Laravel

A flexible multi-tenancy package for Laravel. Single & multi-database tenancy, automatic & manual mode, event-based architecture. Integrates perfectly with other packages.

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Automatic tenancy

Instead of forcing you to change how you write your code, the package by default bootstraps tenancy automatically, in the background. Database connections are switched, caches are separated, filesystems are prefixed, etc.

  • Out of the box, the package makes the following things tenant-aware: databases, caches, filesystems, queues, redis stores. This means that if you have already written your app and are looking to make it multi-tenant, you do not have to change anything!
  • Since the automatic mode changes the default database connection, most other packages will use this connection too.
  • Many other tenancy packages have a terrible track record when it comes to testability. We find that unacceptable. With this package, you can test everything.
  • Prefer specifying database connections instead of changing the default connection? No problem, we have model traits prepared.
  • Allowed to create a multi-tenant SaaS application.


Price components are very important for SaaS projects or other projects.